Charity Foundation Support

Sunagro Ukraine transferred money to the “CHARITABLE FOUNDATION MARIANNA” to help a child battling a rare genetic disease.  

Marianna was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type 2. It is a rare genetic neuromuscular disease that negatively effects the motor neurons of the spinal cord and brain, leading to progressive muscle weakness. The weakness tends to be more severe in the muscles of legs and the whole body, the disease development can even cause respiratory muscle weakness.However, the intelligence of patients with SMA remains unaffected.

A few years ago, a drug was developed by genetics to stop the progression of the disease. A single dose can replace the missing gene and allow the person to live a normal life. However, the cost of a single injection is 2,3 million dollars. 

The contribution of “Sunagro Ukraine”, along with many other organizations and individuals has helped the child’s family successfully collect required amount of money for the medical threatment she needs.

Reports on the receipt of money and supporting documents are published by the girl’s family on the following links: and