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The center of innovations “Sunagro Ukraine” is a scientific unit of the company dealing with development, testing, and introducing of innovative, high-efficient solutions into agricultural production for sustainable and ecologically sound agriculture.

The main focus is made on the development of biotechnological products which create the conditions for environmentally sound and resource saving agricultural production, soil purification from chemical pollutants and heavy metals as well as resumption of soil natural fertility. The center of innovations has its own strains collection of agronomic beneficial microflora which is regularly renewed with new isolates. It allows to develop microbiological fertilizers, biological means for plant defense, xenobiotics destructors and soil remediation products.

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Our research team includes highly qualified professionals with relevant academic degrees and diplomas in the fields of microbiology, biotechnology, nutrition physiology, plant protection and agriculture.

Cooperating with the leading research institutions, the specialists from our innovation center annually conduct hundreds of laboratory, cultivation and field researches of new products and technologies in Ukraine and abroad.

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Each product has been thoroughly tested to substantiate its effectiveness in competition with best world analogues under close supervision of our specialists before getting listed in our portfolio. 

Our verified solutions ensure the effectiveness of agricultural production, but we continue to search for new opportunities to maximize genetical potential of plants’ productivity.