The first school bell in the midst of war: Aid for schoolchildren of Kharkiv region

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of «Sunagro Ukraine» and the French association «Aide Médicale & Caritative France-Ukrainе» 37 tons of high-quality school supplies and stationery were successfully delivered to educational institutions in Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region.

Since the early days of the full-scale invasion, educational facilities in the Kharkiv region have been target to Russian airstrikes, resulting in extensive damage to more than three hundred schools and nearly all universities in the area.

Given the challenging security situation and the persistent bombardments, the education and socialization of children in the upcoming school year pose a genuine challenge and trial for educators, students, and their parents.

Two humanitarian trains carrying school supplies were dispatched to the Kharkiv region in August 2023, as part of the Franco-Ukrainian initiative «With Ukraine in Our Hearts», which includes «Sunagro Ukraine» as a participant. 

We are confident that these valuable gifts will bring joy and smiles to the faces of the children!