September 2023: Three humanitarian road trains for frontline regions

The war has had immense destructive consequences, deeply affecting Ukraine's society and infrastructure.

Medical and social facilities have suffered significant damage and adverse changes, threatening the health and well-being of the population. The living standards of many Ukrainians have been dramatically reduced.

Helping to restore decent living conditions and access to medical and social services has become particularly important.

"Sunagro Ukraine" LLC provides ongoing support to the affected population, state medical and social institutions, demonstrating the unity of socially responsible business with the nation in this important and challenging period.

In September, thanks to the cooperation of "Sunagro Ukraine" LLC with the association "Aide Médicale & Caritative France-Ukraine" and the "All-Ukrainian Council of Resuscitation and Emergency Medical Care", three more humanitarian road trains arrived in Ukraine from France.

The cargo consisted of 20 industrial generators to ensure uninterrupted power supply to hospitals, psychiatric institutions, old people's homes and specialised rehabilitation centres in the Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions. Hospital beds, paediatric equipment and powdered milk for children were also provided to medical facilities and the population of the Kharkiv region.

In particular, emergency aid was provided to the Kharkiv Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital No. 3. The premises of one of the units of the facility in the village of Barvinkove, Izyum district, Kharkiv region (formerly Regional Psychiatric Hospital No. 2) were destroyed by the russians, and the hospital was forced to return to Kharkiv region after 1.5 years of relocation to other regions. Immediate reconstruction of the existing premises is necessary to ensure normal living conditions for the patients.

The war continues, and by uniting our efforts we will surely prevail and rebuild our Ukraine to be even better and stronger.