Science Center Research
Science Center Research

“Sunagro Ukraine” annually conducts hundreds of laboratory, cultivation and field researches of new products and provides services for the development and introduction of the new agro-technologies, nutrition programs and plant protection.

The main functions of R&D department:

  1. Examine effectiveness of fertilizers on the different type of soils and crops before being listed in  “Sunagro Ukraine” product portfolio.
  2. Review of the cutting-edge developments in nutrition physiology and plant protection.
  3. Provide consulting services in licensing and protection of intellectual property rights in agricultural sector.
  4. Organization and control of state testing and state registration of fertilizers, biologies, nutrition programs and plant protection.
  5. Analysis of crops cultivation biological features, varieties, fertilizers application, crop protection and others.

After laboratory researches, the specialists start to conduct field tests. “Sunagro Ukraine” specialists personally supervise the process of research and proof of each fertilizer effectiveness, monitor physiological state of plant.

During the studies, the specialists have formed nutrition programs for each crop, which ensure fertilizer application recommended rates and their optimal combining at each growing and plant development stage. On the website  of  “Sunagro Ukraine” in “Nutrition programs” section you may have a look at the product portfolio.