SUNAGRO UKRAINE to introduce the SUNFERT trademark on the Ukrainian market
SUNAGRO UKRAINE to introduce the SUNFERT trademark on the Ukrainian market

During participation in the International Conference "Fertilizers of Ukraine", which was held 3-4 June 2021 in Dnipro, SUNAGRO UKRAINE presented the trademark SUNFERT.

The year 2021 began for company by new achievements. After a long and rigorous testing, the company is pleased to present plant nutrition products under its own brand SUNFERT.

Its own line of fertilizers includes:

Innovative, complex nitrogen-sulphur fertilizer INTENSE NS (N - 30 %; S - 15 %). Complex, water-soluble mineral granulated fertilizer with two nutrients - nitrogen (ammonium - 12%, amide - 18%) and sulphur. The product is manufactured using innovative low-temperature pressure granulation technology, which ensures homogeneous composition of each granule and prevents the formation of biuret, which allows the fertilizer to be used simultaneously with sowing or for foliar application. The low migration ability of the two forms of nitrogen reduces by 30% the loss of active nutrient due to washout, leaching and denitrification compared to urea and ammonium nitrate. Fertilizer uptake is less dependent on temperature and water conditions in the soil. INTENSE NS does not cause soil acidification and is the optimal choice for feeding high-protein and sulphur-sensitive crops.


A complex nitrogen-phosphorous granulated fertilizer OPTIMA NP (N - 20%; P2O5 - 20%; S-13%). A highly concentrated nitrate-free fertilizer that contains three nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur. Nitrogen is in the form of ammonium (NH4+), which prevents its loss under conditions of excessive moisture. Phosphorus is in a water-soluble form and is available to the plant from the soil solution, not fixed by soil colloids.  An important advantage of the fertilizer is its balanced content of nitrogen and phosphorus and the presence of sulphur, which increases the macroelement uptake rate. It is an excellent starter fertilizer for many crops, especially on soils with a high potassium content. The main condition for the high efficiency of the fertilizer is to apply it in the soil with mixing, and when sowing it a few centimetres below the position of the seed bed.


Water-soluble, Granular Magnesium sulphate (MgO - 27 %; SO3 - 42 %) is a highly effective source of magnesium and sulphur, which are easily accessible for plants. Due to fast and absolute water solubility, inclusion of mesoelements into plant metabolism starts already in 12 hours after application, thus ensuring fast correction of nutritional elements deficiency and restoration of biochemical processes to physiological optimum. Thanks to equal assimilation of both nutritional elements, the fertilizer is physiologically neutral and ensures increased crop yields and improved quality of the obtained products, optimising the content of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, etc. It is one of the best magnesium fertilizers. It is suitable for all crops. The fertilizer can be applied to the main soil cultivation phases: before ploughing, cultivation, moisture closure, simultaneously with sowing, or after sprouting and in top dressing. Easily fixed to the soil at optimum moisture levels without lowering the pH of the soil solution.