Providing farmers with free complex fertilizers

Provision of free complex fertilizers: Sunagro Ukraine's initiative to support farmers in the 2022-2023 season.

Amidst the russian war against Ukraine, our farmers have experienced substantial crop losses as a result of hostilities, bombings and occupations.

Moreover, the challenging situation involving port closures and the disruption of production and distribution capacities has rendered it nearly impossible for the majority of importers and producers to provide farmers with fertilizers necessary for the complete growth and development of their crops.

Small-scale farmers, who constitute the foundation of the nation's food security and serve as vital contributors to the domestic supply of goods, have borne the brunt of these challenges.

Sunagro Ukraine extended free aid to farms and other agricultural producers, demonstrating their commitment to support. In total, the company contributed over UAH 1,500,000 worth of granular complex fertilizers.
The company is actively working to meet the demand for fertilizers and provide support to farmers who are in a difficult situation due to the full-scale russian aggression.

The upcoming agrarian campaign is our shield of food security in times of war.
Let's unite to support farmers!