Young Karate Team Kodo-kan Club support

The company provides material and technical facilities for training young karate fighters and offers financial support for participation in national and international competitions. In 2020-2021 alone, the karate team won bronze and silver medals in Ukrainian and EU championships.

Thanks to the support of Sunagro Ukraine, Oleg Kramarenko, a Karateka from Donetsk region, won a “gold” medal  at the European Championship held in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, on November 4-5, 2022. Oleg Kramarenko representing the Kramatorsk territorial community, competed for the Ukrainian national team at the European Championship in Kyokushin-kai and won 4 fights becoming a gold medalist.

At the European Championship in Sofia, the Ukrainian National Team won a total of 40 medals (8 – gold, 12 – silver, 20 - bronze) and secured the second team place among 22 participating countries.

We are committed to developing young talent and take pride in our sportsmen who represent Ukraine on  the international sports arena and achieve victory even in such challenging times.