Humanitarian aid to the eastern regions

Sunagro Ukraine has joined the international strategic “Help East” initiative to provide humanitarian support to the eastern regions.

Assistance was provided to the following institutions: the National Military Medical Clinical Center in Kyiv, the Eastern region Military Medicine Clinical Center, the Zmiiv Hospital, the communal non-profit enterprise “Balakliya Clinical Multidisciplinary Hospital of Intensive Care”, the “Kharkiv Regional Clinical Trauma Hospital” and others.

The humanitarian assistance includes medical equipment, medicines, disinfectants and medical supplies for military hospitals as well as civilian medical institutions. The aid also includes food, clothing and blankets, products for children, walkers, medicines, medical devices, wheelchairs, etc.

The aid was provided by the "Medical and Charitable Assistance France – Ukraine" Association headed by Vice-President Diana Dols in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine in France and French regional health agencies.

Our company constantly joins  "Help East" initiatives. The cargo was delivered to Ukraine with the direct assistance of “Sunagro Ukraine”.

The cargo is intended for residents of settlements located in the area of hostilities, as well as for refugees.

Over the life of the project, 55 medical institutions, the vast majority of which are located near the areas of hostilities, received assistance. In total, medical institutions received more than 215 tons of humanitarian medical supplies. 

We are grateful to our partners who keep collecting and providing humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people in this hard times for our country.