Beds for hospitals and Military Medical establishments

The medical health facilities in the Kharkiv region are in dire need of medicines and equipment due to the armed aggression of russia. Our joint action and cooperation with the "Medical and Charitable Assistance France – Ukraine” Assocoation within the “Help East” initiative promote the renewal of the financial and medical base of these institutions which eases the hеavy daily work of military doctors.

In addition to humanitarian aid, beds for hospitals and military medical institutions were also provided under “Help East” initiative. In particular, beds were received by the Eastern region Military Medicine Clinical Center, the Kramatorsk Children’s Hospital, the Mariupol Military Hospital, the 65th Military Mobile Hospital and others.

Intensive and palliative care units received medicalized electric beds, bedside tables, cooling mattress pads, open resuscitation systems for infants, wall dispensers and medical furniture.

Beds were also supplied to hospitals in Kharkiv. The municipal non-profit enterprise of the Kharkiv Regional Council "Kharkiv Regional Clinical Trauma Hospital" received new modern resuscitation beds from Hillrom, as well as a set of additional medical equipment, an instalment of medicines and hygiene products.

Accella resuscitation beds by the well-known manufacturer Hillrom are ultramodern and are called "smart": they are electrified, have multifunctional handrails, are able to weigh patients, change the position to sitting for manipulation, have a display that indicates the parameters necessary for staff, as well as a fall prevention system in case of careless patient movements, which helps to significantly improve the level of medical services, make treatment even more effective and facilitate the work of medical staff," - the press service noted. 

It is also extremely important to support children's medical institutions located in the area of the Joint Forces Operation, which treat children, so that they can provide a full range of medical services for children aged 0 to 17 years. The Kramatorsk Children's Hospital serves approximately 30 thousand children of Kramatorsk and the Northern region of Donetsk Oblast, as well as children from the category of internally displaced persons.

We are grateful to our partners who keep collecting and providing humanitarian aid to the Ukrainian people in these hard times for our country.

Our contribution to the development of a proactive and strong Ukrainian society is participation and raising funds for charitable and social projects of any direction. Our company continues to supply the latest medical equipment, develop sports, ensure food security of Ukraine, and implement other important social projects.

It is significantly important to talk about good deeds, so that inspire others to join charity and to do good things making example of themselves.