Medicines for Ukrainian hospitals

Humanitarian aid worth over €3.5million for Ukrainian Medical Institutions: 44 tons of medicines were delivered to Ukraine in the first half of 2024. The main recipients are hospitals in the Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Sumy, Odesa, and Zaporizhzhia regions, as well as institutions that receive a large number of wounded individuals.

Among the delivered medicines are antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain relief medications, anticoagulants, and cardiovascular drugs.

The humanitarian aid was provided by the association "Medical and Charitable Aid France-Ukraine – Aide Médicale & Caritative France-Ukraine" in collaboration with French pharmaceutical companies.

LLC "Sunagro Ukraine" is a participant in the Franco-Ukrainian initiative, providing warehousing and transport logistics as well as comprehensive support in receiving this aid from France and shipping it to Ukrainian hospitals,  Ukrainian military hospitals, medical units of brigades, and emergency medical centers.

The APO “All-Ukrainian Resuscitation Council and Emergency Medicine”, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, local and regional health departments, councils, and administrations provide administrative support, submit orders to donors, and distribute the aid among hospitals.

Given the difficult situation on the front and the intensification of russian attacks on Ukrainian medical infrastructure, it is our duty to help the affected regions and institutions that provide treatment to the wounded.

This union of international and Ukrainian charitable initiatives and socially responsible businesses allows for large-scale assistance to be provided to the medical sector of Ukraine, our defenders, and the population affected by the war.


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